One of the benefits of living in an active adult community, like Anand Vihar, is that we specialize in carefree living – no maintenance, fun activities, and, in some cases, no cooking! Letting us plan and cook your meals so that you can have more time to socialize and experience blissful living at its’ best, at Anand Vihar.

To help you along, we’ve come up with some “pros” for choosing a dining plan:

  • The most obvious – you don’t have to cook! No hot stoves. No prepping meals. No dirty dishes.
  • More time for family and friends. When visitors come, enjoy spending time with them – not thinking about when to start dinner. You can feel flexible and independent to visit your grandchildren or travel to another city knowing that your spouse will have meals prepared for them!
  • Enjoy professionally prepared vegetarian meals. Our chefs are the best!
  • You basically have a first-class restaurant steps from your door.
  • Our meals are freshly prepared, healthy, and delicious. Dietary issues? Come talk to the chef. Are you a little finicky? No problem. Our menu is chock full of your favorites. We promise you’ll find something you’ll like.
  • You’ll make fewer trips to the grocery store. No more lugging bags home from the store.
  • More time to explore Tampa! No worries about being home at a certain time to cook meals.
  • Nice variety of dishes to choose from – Indian and non-Indian fare. Choose what you’re in the mood for!a4746f327c9b37fba64b40251304d4a2
  • You can eat in the dining hall with all of your friends in the community, share stories over a delicious meal– or even have your meals delivered to your residence!